Fr. Jay Scott Newman Victim-Shames Bishop Guglielmone's Accuser

“…because of the glimpse of hell on earth which we received yesterday in the Pennsylvania report of the sickening sexual crimes of priests and the feckless, graceless response of so many bishops to those sins. Now attentive listeners will realize that these are the words I spoke to you on this feast exactly one year ago today. And now, one year later, a year in which Theodore McCarrick was dispelled from the priesthood in disgrace, and great progress has been made in the purification of the priesthood in dioceses all over the world, today we face a new accusation of misconduct, not against a distant, degenerate cardinal, but against our own good bishop. Yesterday in New York state, a lawsuit was filed which accuses then Father Guglielmone of abusing a young man in the late 70s, an accusation which our bishop vehemently denies. 

I have worked closely with Bishop Guglielmone for more than a decade. I have watched him at close range in dealing with matters of eternal import. I am morally certain that Bishop Guglielmone is an innocent man who has been falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. And in the months ahead, I believe that we will, that he will be vindicated in both civil and canon law and exonerated of all misconduct. But we need to know that the only reason such a charge against him could be made and taken seriously is that we still live in an environment poisoned by the sexual crimes and sacrilegious blasphemies of too many bishops and priests. And now in this miasma of wickedness, an innocent man stands accused because someone sees an easy payday within reach simply by accusing one innocent priest of doing what so many other guilty ones have done.” 

Fr. Jay Scott Newman - Feast of the Assumption Aug. 15, 2019

“But to tell you the truth, given the chaos in the Church, I don’t much feel like rejoicing. Why? Well, consider the following enormities and stupidities of just the last two years. A year and a half after the public disgrace of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, we still have had no account from Rome on how such a wretch could rise to the highest levels of leadership in the Church. The worldwide college of bishops is still clearly clueless about how to reform and purify the Church and our own good bishop has been under a cloud since August from what I am certain is a false accusation of abuse, but the cloud is still there, not the least because there are so many legitimate accusations of abuse.” 

Fr. Jay Scott Newman - December 16, 2019