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Learn Latin Prayers with Videos

We have had a number of people ask us to help direct them to instructional YouTube videos to help learn prayers in Latin. Knowing the universal language of the Church is an incredible tool, and simply learning a few of the most basic prayers can help bridge the gap between us. No matter the language barrier, our Catholic Latin prayers instantly unite us! With that being said, finding really great video tutorials online is not an easy task.

We focused on these main points:

  • The most basic prayers, especially those needed for the rosary.
  • Spoken prayer vs. sung. Sung prayer is important, but you'll find that the spoken prayer is more useful in day to day praying.
  • Proper pronunciation that you will encounter in the typical Extraordinary Form of the Mass in the United States
  • Videos that included the words on the screen, as, in our opinion, the combination of seeing and listening makes memorizing easier. 

It takes time and patience to learn, but once you have learned these prayers, you will not forget them. Be patient with yourself! Another terrific benefit to learning these prayers in Latin is the fact that you will find that the level of meditation can feel very different. When we pray in English, we can sometimes be distracted by the fact that we're using the same language we use for every day life, whereas, praying in Latin is used for one purpose....to speak to Our Lord!

Please note that because these are YouTube videos, we have no control whether or not they will always be available. If you would kindly notify us if you find any broken links or anything odd, we'd be very grateful! You can message us at RealCatholicStuff@gmail.com.

Happy learning! Pax Christi +


Signum Crucis (The Sign of the Cross)


Symbolum Apostolorum (The Apostles Creed)

Pater Noster (The Lord's Prayer)

Ave Maria (Hail Mary) 


Gloria Patri (Glory Be) 


Salve Regina (Hail, Holy Queen) 



Credo (Nicene Creed) 

Sancte Michael Archangele (St. Michael Prayer)


The Angelus 


Latin Prayer Before Meals 

Latin Prayer After Meals